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Hosting Rates

All hourly rates are billed in 15 minute increments.
Call 603-845-0018 or contact us here: ContactUs to arrange for hosting.
See the bottom of this page for current specials.

Mailing lists POP/iMAP email accounts
Monthly fee $7/Month
Monthly Fee $4 per email account
List administration
You can do this yourself with a simple web interface, or hire us to do it.
$25 per hour
Monthly Family/Business rate $6 for 4 email accounts

Web page and/or Domain Hosting
(Comes with ftp, domain hosting, email accounts)
Parked page
This is a web site with no content, just there to hold onto a domain name for the future.
Forwarding domains
This is a domain which simply forwards all requests to another domain. This is useful for when there is more than one domain associated with the same business.
Basic Hosting
This is basic domain/web hosting, with a few email accounts. no frills or extras. This is useful for the small company or startup, or for clubs and groups on a small budget. If you are doing your own web design and development, or if you are only having EnigamI do it once, and then not changing it for large amounts of time, this may be what you want. There is no database interaction, no online purchases, just plain, static, pages.
Package Hosting
This is domain/web hosting for sites where things are more complex. You might need a database, or a lot of disk space, multiple mailing lists or multiple domains linked together, etc.
contact us for pricing
Domain name Registration
EnigamI, Inc. does not sell domain registration services. We encourage you to register your domain yourself, if you are comfortable doing that. We can help you with this process if you would prefer. We would then help you with the settings needed to map the domain to your hosting or email service that your get with us.
passed on from registrar

Web page Development
Package Hosted on EnigamI, Inc.'s
Contact us for pricing
Hosted elsewhere, or basic hosting contact us for pricing

Other Services
The following items are priced on a case-by-case basis:
  • Online stores and other kinds of sites needing special security or software.
  • Backups and/or other IT.
  • Combinations of services.
  • Software development.
  • Web development on systems hosted elsewhere.

Special Deal

Cancer patients needing a free web-page hosting or mailing list to keep family and friends apprised of your progress, please contact the management to work out the details. Management reserves the right to limit this offer to an amount it can reasonably handle without intruding on regular business.

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