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Ducks in a Row, LLC - A personal management company.

Thomas Consulting - Client Relationship Experts

NH Jobs List - A free mailing list focused solely on jobs based in New Hampshire.


EnigamI, Inc. - Software Consulting, Website Design, Website Hosting.

7-128 Software, LLC - Makes family friendly video games that are also playable by the blind.

Sleeping Cat Software - Used to provide software for Apple's Macintosh computers. Closed now, but we like the cat photos!




Monandnock Quilters Guild - learn new techniques, share ideas, promote quilting, and provide quilts to neighbors in need. Based in Peterborough, NH.

DocRudolph - Semi-professional violinist, fiddler. Music and science educator.

Cyndi Geller - Actor / Entertainer.

Prairie Dog Publishing- Publishing services for writers—get your story in print! Ebook services also available.

Carolynne-Kollar - Knitting patterns by Carolynne Kollar


Spaceflight Systems Corporation

Electronic Systems Consulting Associates

Tice Associates - Microscope cleaning, repairs and sales, servicing NH, Mass., CT, VT, and Maine. Also sells and services balances.

ControlSmith - Professional Engineer with 25+ years of experience, specializing in embedded systems and control theory.

NE Shooters, LLC - Bringing Quality Firearms Training to the Northeast.

Michael Mulrennan, MBA - Tax and Accounting Services, as well as other business services.

Insight Financial Strategists - Take hold of your financial future today!




"About Plastic Bags"

"Plastic Soup"

"A Month Without Plastic"

Depot Farm Stand, Garden Center, and Gift Shop Veggies, Fruits, plants and gifts, located in Merrimack, NH which is in Southern NH

SweetMimi's - a fantastic candy shop in Andover, MA.

Middle Branch Farm - Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - New Boston, NH


Essential Bodywork - Massage therapy office in Lexington, MA.

Essential Bodywork Chair Massage - Chair massage company travels to your office or event.

Glenn R. Bigonet, M.A. - Counseling Individuals and Couples with Unconditional Acceptance and Compassion.

Anne L. Boedecker, PhD - NH Licensed Psychologist, working with you, for positive personal change.

Art Heals the Soul - Experiential workshops, retreats, classes, and individual and group sessions in expressive art.

Human Awareness Institute - Personal growth workshops.

Fybromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (FMS/MPS) with Devin Starlanyl - An international, multilingual website on fibromyalgia and myofascial pain (trigger points).


Nashua Historical Society - in Nashua, NH.

SVKC - Souhegan Valley Karate Club.

Wolf Hollow - A place that is trying to educate people about wolves. They have a wolf pack on site which they try to protect in as natural a setting as possible. This place is very cool.

Family Tree - Poly discussion and support group in the Boston area.

Subaru High Mileage Club -- a club for owners of Subaru vehicles which have over 100,000 miles on them.











Sites With Info

Info on Grants for Single Mothers

www.blindcomputergames.com - Info on Computer games for the blind.

Blog Hillsboro Boards - Letting Hillsboro, NH Citizens Know What their Government is Doing




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