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Unix Information

EnigamI®, Inc. has aquired hands on experience working with a variety of Unix platforms over the years. While all Unix and Unix-like systems are, to a very large degree, similar, many of the commercial Unix vendors have elected to make proprietary enhancements to their versions of the operating system. Many of our clients wish to know which Unix systems we have had direct experience with.

Hence this list:

  • 4.X BSD
  • AIX
  • A/UX
  • Digital Unix
  • FreeBSD
  • HPUX
  • IRIX
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat, SuSE, embedded, Mandrake(aka Mandriva), and likely some others)
  • MachTen
  • pSOS+
  • SunOS / Solaris
  • Sys V
  • Tru64 Unix
  • Ultrix
  • Unicos
  • Unison

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